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Market Evaluation Is An Analysis Of The Real Estate Market to Determine Your Home Value!

Real estate agents often prepare comparable market evaluations for clients or potential clients to determine the value of their clients’ home or a home that their clients are looking to buy.

When working with Sellers they need market evaluations to understand list prices and how much to ask for their home when it gets listed.  

When working with Buyers' property evaluations help home buyers compare potential properties so that they can figure out what price to offer on a home. 


A comparable market evaluation is an analysis of the real estate market that a piece of property belongs to and are done to determine the value of a particular property – usually for the reasons of buying or selling real estate. 

Comparable market evaluations take into account many factors related to the value of the subject property. Data from the MLS® system is used to determine what homes similar in location, age and size are selling for. Other factors a real estate associate may consider are amenities, specific location influences and renovations or upgrades. Sales data is usually limited to a shorter time frame in the past so that market fluctuations do not factor into the price. Adjustments are then made to the prices to help make all the properties more comparable to the subject property.  

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