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May 8, 2020

April job numbers show impact of

It’s not a surprise, but it still hurts to see the spike in unemployment and the reduction in total hours worked by those still employed brought on by the effort to contain COVID-19.


Alberta’s unemployment rate rose from an already high 8.7 per cent in March to 13.4 per cent in April. It has not been this high since the current data series began in 1976. For comparison, the average rate over the last 24 months was 7.2 per cent.


The unemployment rate is, however, only part of the

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Using Your Home Equity


If you are looking at using your home equity to complete upgrades to your home, paying down debt or using the money for some other necessity, make sure you are in the know about what will be required when obtaining a Home Equity Line of Credit or HELOC.
There will be upfront costs, as with any other mortgage that you may apply for. Lawyers, fees, title search fees, and fees to transfer your mortgage to a HELOC may all be included.

HELOCs do not have fixed rates. This means that your monthly payment can fluctuate. The interest is determined according to the prime rate plus whatever the percentage rate the bank has set. For example, the interest rate at the bank says prime plus 2%. If the prime rate is 1.5%, add 2% more.

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Dream Vacation Entry - Monthly Prizes & Annual Prize of $5,000.00!!  

Dream Vacation 

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ATB Economics

April 29, 2020

Interest rates around the world

One of the ways central banks* have tried to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is by lowering interest rates. The basic idea is that lower interest rates stimulate the economy by making it less costly to borrow money which, in turn, leads to more investment, spending and jobs. 

When an economy is heating up, interest rates are typically raised as a way to “tap the breaks” and keep inflation in check.

With the pandemic causing economies around the world to ice over, a

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 How to Stand Out in the Spring Home buying Market 

When it comes to buying a house, it doesn't get more competitive than springtime.  Want to make sure you stand out from the pack? Here are three ways to do it:

  1. Include a personal letter to the sellers with your offer. Tell them why you love the home and just how much it means to you.
  2. Get pre-approved for your mortgage loan first. This shows sellers you have the financial resources to follow through on your offer.
  3. Avoid low-ball offers. Bid at least the listing price (and be ready to go higher if there's a bidding war).

All-cash bids can also be a great way to secure the home of your dreams.


Easy Ways to Add More Storage Space

Tired of crowded closets and cluttered drawers?

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