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Alberta's Consumer Spending Strong in December But Down In January

Happiness is banking with ATB.

ATB Economics | February 26, 2021

Retailers were hoping for a strong December to help make up for losses earlier in the year due to the pandemic and Alberta consumers obliged.

Average daily consumer spending* in Alberta was up by 2.5 per cent in December 2020 compared to December 2019.

The higher spending in December was not, however, enough to keep annual sales from falling below the 2019 level. Consumers in Alberta spent about 3.7 per cent less last year than in 2019.

Unadjusted consumer spending always falls in January compared

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Oil Production In Alberta Getting Back On Track

Happiness is banking with ATB.

ATB Economics | February 18, 2021

Oil production in Alberta getting back on track


When billions of dollars and thousands of jobs are on the line, “it could’ve been worse” is not what you want to hear. But when it comes to Alberta’s total oil production in 2020, it could’ve been worse.

Between the pandemic, an oil price war, prices slipping into negative territory, ongoing pipeline challenges, lockdowns, travel restrictions and a second wave of the virus, the fact

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Ardrossan Recreation Complex

The Complex offers a new arena, wellness centre and fitness track for fitness, group fitness classes, recreational skating and indoor playground opportunities.

Check out all the amenities and the latest schedules at



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Residential Property Management

Maxwell Preferred Clients Program Maxwell Direct Realty is your top choice for property management. Our number one priority is your property and your tenants. In an ever-changing world of technology, you need a management company that places all our priority on what matters- accuracy, efficiency and tailored strategic action plans to ensure service quality. You need the right management company to identify, obtain and retain "A" type tenant quality to maintain the rate of wear on your property.  You need a management company who will set the standards high for your property and keep it high.

You need Maxwell Direct Realty - Where Real Estate Happens.

Services we provide:

✓ Tenant screening and placement.

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