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January 2021

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Residential Property Management

Maxwell Preferred Clients Program Maxwell Direct Realty is your top choice for property management. Our number one priority is your property and your tenants. In an ever-changing world of technology, you need a management company that places all our priority on what matters- accuracy, efficiency and tailored strategic action plans to ensure service quality. You need the right management company to identify, obtain and retain "A" type tenant quality to maintain the rate of wear on your property.  You need a management company who will set the standards high for your property and keep it high.

You need Maxwell Direct Realty - Where Real Estate Happens.

Services we provide:

✓ Tenant screening and placement.

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Tips for Planting A Garden In Canada

Planting a garden, whether it’s vegetables or flowers, can be a time-consuming venture. However, your time and hard work is eventually rewarded with beautiful flowers or a bountiful harvest.

Below are a few tips for planting a garden to be proud of:

- Determine what type of plant will grow well in City. Keep in mind that Zone 2 or Zone 3 plants will do well in Canada.

- Consider the layout of your yard. Is there more sun than shade or a bit of both?

- Do you have animals? How will you maintain the integrity of your garden while keeping the dogs from trampling on the kale?

- Once you know what you can easily plant, determine the best planting times. Some plants may require pre-planting indoors so

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