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November 2020

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Black Friday

ATB Economics | November 27, 2020

A little Black Friday trivia


It being “Black Friday” today, The Owl is taking a break from its usual Alberta-focused statistical content to share a little trivia about “the busiest shopping day of the year.” (Please note that the references to Thanksgiving are to the U.S. holiday rather than Canadian Thanksgiving.)

1. What was the first department store to advertise a post-Thanksgiving sale?
2. What percentage of Americans shopped (either in person or online) on Black Friday 2019?
3. What percentage of Black Friday shoppers in the U.S. admit to

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Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Home and School

Moving to a new home and new school can be upsetting for some children. Helping them to prepare for the move will make the adjustment less stressful.

~ Get them excited about moving. Show them pictures of their new room, and give them ideas of where things can go. If you are painting, let them help choose the colour, and give them some freedom to decorate.

~ Be prepared that the first night sleeping in a new place might end up becoming a sleepless night. Reassure your child that it takes time to get used to a new home.

~ Take a tour of the school. Helping them to become familiar with what the school looks like and how to get to their classroom, the lunch room, etc., will ease any stress

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Canada And The United States

ATB Economics | November 3, 2020

US election day special


It’s election day for our American cousins so The Owl is taking a quick look at some of the economic ties that bind our two countries together.

Given that Alex Trebek is one of Canada’s many exports to the U.S., we thought we’d present the figures à la the game show Jeopardy that Trebek has hosted since 1984 (which pre-dates the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement by four years).

Category: Canada-US Trade
Clue: Canada’s largest export market
Answer (in the form of a question): What is the United States?

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