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House Painting Tips

Preparing the area:

Fill holes by using a filler or spackle. Make sure to dry completely, then sand.

Scrape off old paint or sand walls so the area is smooth.

Clean walls

Priming the walls: Priming isn’t absolutely necessary, but it will help the paint adhere properly, and hide any dark colours or stains.

Stir paint: Paint colour will separate. Make sure to stir thoroughly, especially if the paint has been sitting for an extended period of time.

Gather your painting tools: putty knife, filler, sandpaper, rags, paint can opener, paint tray, stir sticks, angled paint brush, roller, roller cover, roller extension pole, drop cloth, and painter’s tape.

Tape the appropriate areas so you won’t get paint on the parts

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Buying Commercial Property


There are many things that need to be considered when purchasing a commercial property. Check out the tips below to make sure all your bases have been covered.

Get a feel for the real estate market in the area that you are searching in. Can you get a sense of what it would be like in a few years? Will the area be booming or will things fizzle out?

Determine your financial situation. What type of money is needed to complete the deal? What do you financially need to be able to maintain the payments and the property?

Determine if the space will work for you and your plan. Have an idea ahead of time of the space you will require and what you need the space to include.

If you need to do upgrades, renovations,

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Why the Change to 25 Year Amortizations?

Back in 2012, CMHC made some changes to Canada’s mortgage rules by only allowing 25 year mortgages to home owners who require home loan insurance through CMHC. The hot housing market and the imminent housing crash spurred the change by wanting to safe guard Canadians from taking on more debt than what they could afford. CMHC felt that a 30 year amortization would create a burden of debt for the consumer.

The advantage of the 30 year mortgage was the ability to have lower monthly payments due to stretching the debt over a longer period of time. Home buyers who required CMHC loan insurance were able to qualify for a home with a 30 year amortization because the monthly payment was feasible.

However, the 30

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Curb Appeal

Sometimes it only takes a few simple changes to dress up the exterior of a house add some curb appeal. Below are a few tips to perk up your home.

Paint the front door: Painting the front door a bold colour, like red, black, purple, or green, can add a boost to your home and make it stand out.

New lighting and hardware: Adding a new outside light, some solar lights, new railings, hardware for the doors, or replacing an old storm door can easily update the look of your home.

Repaint: Painting the trim, the stucco, or the siding can give a home the boost that it needs, and do so inexpensively.

Landscaping: By adding new shrubs, bushes, rocks, plants, or trees, the exterior can take on a fresh new look. Adding a new walk way by

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What Is A Housing Bubble?

A housing bubble means that there is an increase in demand but a decrease in supply. In this case, fewer houses are available compared to the number of people looking to buy.

What happens during a housing bubble?
When a housing bubble occurs, house prices increase significantly. The home that you thought was reasonably priced is now priced considerably higher.

Why does a housing bubble happen?
There are a few things that spark a housing bubble. However, all aspects will play a role in making the housing bubble happen. 

- The population increases significantly.
- Low interest rates to make homes more affordable or mortgage products that are extremely attractive to home buyers.
- Risk taking as a borrower.             

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Tips to Keeping Your Home Ready for Showings

The big part of selling a home is showing it to perspective buyers as it’s a must to make your home available to those who are in the market to buy. Without showings and open houses, there is really no point in selling your home. While it’s true that showing your home can be a juggling act that requires consistently being on top of things, with a few tweaks, you can make this part of selling your home less stressful.

Prepare your home for selling means decreasing the clutter and making everything more manageable. Once you have organized and prepped your home, it should be a little easier to keep things in their place.

Get the whole family onboard with pitching in. Many hands make light work. The kids,

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