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Heritage Day In Alberta - August Long Weekend

In 1974 the Alberta Government declared the first Monday of August an annual holiday to recognize and celebrate the varied cultural heritage of Albertans.

That year and again in 1975, a multicultural concert was held at Fort Edmonton Park to celebrate Heritage Day.

In 1976 11 ethno-cultural communities banded together in Edmonton’s Hawrelak Park to display their cultures’ traditional cuisine, entertainment, interpretive materials, and crafts.

This occasion marked the early days of the Edmonton Heritage Festival, which plays an important role in promoting Alberta’s heritage.

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Things To Do To Ruin Your Chances of Getting a Mortgage

A mortgage is a really big deal. When applying for a mortgage, a lender will look at all aspects of your credit history and employment to see if you are able to handle a large debt such as a house.

However, there are some things that will definitely ruin your chances of getting a mortgage if you are not fully aware, and sometimes it may be something that seems so simple but will make a huge impact on your home buying ability.

The following is list of things that can affect your chances of getting a mortgage:

Not having enough saved for a down payment: Always plan ahead. Make sure that you have put enough money aside so that you can make a sufficient down payment. Even if you

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Preparing Your Home When Going on Vacation

It’s always a good idea to safe guard your home from unwanted pests, criminals, and other issues so you can enjoy a good vacation.

Friends and family: Let a friend and/or a family member know that you will be away and for how long. Have someone drop by to bring in the mail/flyers, and have them check the house for any issues, like leaks, odd smells, and any signs of potential issues. Have them drive by once a day.

Keep it to yourself: Do not announce your vacation time on social media as someone may be tipped off that you are leaving town. This would be a perfect opportunity for criminals to check out your house.

Security Company: If you have a security company that monitors your house alarm,

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The Ripple Effects Of Lower Oil Production and Investment

ATB Economics | July 14, 2020


Between the pandemic and oil price crash, oil producers in Alberta have been compelled to cut both capital expenditures and production. This, in turn, means fewer jobs, lower exports, reduced demand for goods and services used by the oil sector, truncated government royalties and stunted economic growth overall.

In an effort to quantify the economic impact of the cuts, Statistics Canada released a study last week entitled “The Decline in Production and Investment in Canada’s Oil and Gas Sector and its Impact on the Economy.”

The study found

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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency situations, or States of Emergency, can happen when you least expect it. The 2013 flooding in Southern Alberta is proof that all citizens need to be prepared for any type of emergency situation. We have provided some information on how to be prepared for emergency situations should the event arise.

The main thing is to have an emergency preparedness kit ready. Included in this kit should be enough resources to last at least 72 hours:

~ 4 litres of water per person for 3 days. (Note that the water from the toilet tank and hot water tank can be utilized.)

~ 3 days, or more, worth of food. Include items that do not spoil and are easy to prepare: energy bars, canned goods, dried fruit and nuts.

~ Non-electric

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